What is the automint?

As of PIVX Core v3.0 your wallet will automatically mint about 10% of your balance to zPIV.  If your wallet is encrypted, this will happen once you send a transaction or unlock the wallet (even for staking and anonymization only).  You can configure the automint to any percentage 0 to 100% or disable it using the link at the bottom of this article.

Why does PIVX Core Wallet automint zPIV?

PIVX’s Zerocoin Protocol works by automatically “mixing” zPIV of the same denomination together, making zPIV transactions virtually impossible to trace. The PIVX Core Wallet automatically mints 10% of users’ unlocked PIVX balances into zPIV, which ensures there are enough zPIV denominations available to mix and make Zerocoin Protocol effective regardless of manual zPIV minting volume.

What are the backup requirements for zPIV?

Beginning with PIVX Core v3.1, PIVX uses an innovative system called dzPIV, which provides a one-time seed backup for your zPIV.  Please follow this guide to backup your zPIV seed.

This means that you don't need to make a new backup after every zPIV mint, but periodic wallet.dat backups are still a good idea.  It is still important to keep all of your wallet.dat files because your normal piv are still stored in there and the seed does not cover them.  

Never delete any wallet.dat files.  

How do I disable the automint?