What is a snapshot?

A snapshot is simply a copy of the blockchain.  You can make your own by following these instructions.  A snapshot is used as a shortcut when resyncing your blockchain because your client will not need to download or validate the blocks.  However, this does require you to trust the source of the snapshot is not giving you bad data.  If you've made your own snapshot, you of course have nothing to worry about

How do you use a snapshot?

To use a snapshot, please complete the following steps

  1. Gracefully shutdown your wallet
  2. Locate your PIVX data directory.
  3. Delete ONLY the following 4 folders and 2 files from your data directory:
    (Do NOT delete anything other than blocks, chainstate, sporks, zerocoin, banlist.dat, and peers.dat)
  4. If you are using a personal snapshot, find those files.  Otherwise, download the newest snapshot from here.
  5. Unzip if needed and place the contents in your PIVX data directory.  You should see it recreate the 4 folders you just deleted (blocks, chainstate, sporks, and zerocoin)
  6. Restart your wallet software
  7. Your wallet will start syncing from whenever the snapshot was created, so the sync should take very little time