Open your mobile wallet and follow the steps below as seen in the images:

Once you have retrieved your mnemonic code make sure you save it as this will allow you to restore your wallet at anytime , also keep it private as it can expose your private keys.

To get your private keys:

Navigate to , select PIVX as the coin and enter in your Mnemonic keys.



Once you have entered in the correct mnemonic keys you can browse down the page and locate a header titled "Derived Addresses" This will be your PIVX addresses as well as private keys.          

Locate which address has your funds on it, copy down the private key and open your wallet on your computer, Open the debug console and insert the following command to import your pivx:


Like this:

Click enter, it will now proceed to import the address and then rescan blocks, this can take time so please don't close your wallet. Once completed your funds will now be able to be spent / accessed on your PIVX PC wallet as well as spent on your mobile unless you decide to move it to a new address.