• 10,000 PIV
  • A single 24/7 running computer running Windows.
  • Optional: A dynamic DNS program like NOIP

IP needs to be the public IP address of your computer. If your IP changes, you might need to use a dynamic IP program like NOIP as stated above.

(Tutorial will use Windows as main wallet and masternode)

1) Open the debug console and type the following command:



 (This will be the masternode's privkey. We'll use this later...)

2) Next, enter the following command :

getaccountaddress masternodename

3) Send 10,000 PIV to the address. (Make sure this is 100% only 10,000; No less, no more.)

4) Next, enter the command into the console:


 (This gets the proof of transaction of sending 10,000)

5) Go into the PIVX data directory, by default in Windows it'll be %Appdata%/PIVX. (Where is my PIVX data directory)

Find masternode.conf and add the following line to it:

 <Name of Masternode(Use the name you entered earlier for simplicity)> <IP address>:51472 <The result of Step 1> <Result of Step 4> <The number after the long line in Step 4>

Example: MN1 892WPpkqbr7sr6Si4fdsfssjjapuFzAXwETCrpPJubnrmU6aKzh c8f4965ea57a68d0e6dd384324dfd28cfbe0c801015b973e7331db8ce018716999 1

Substitute it with your own values and without the "<>"s

6) Open the pivx.conf file (Find it or use the edit the config file in the PIVX-qt client under "Tools"). Make it look like this:

rpcuser=long random username
rpcpassword=longer random password
externalip=your unique public ip address
bind=your unique public ip address
masternodeaddr=your unique public ip address
masternodeprivkey=Result of Step 1

Make sure to replace rpcuser & rpcpassword with your own.

8) Close and restart your wallet.

9) Open the Debug Console and enter the following command:

startmasternode <alias> <0> <my_mn>

 (Make sure wallet is unlocked)

The output should look something like this:

                       "overall" : "Successfully started 1 masternodes, failed to start 0, total 1",
                       "detail" : {
                          "status" : {
                             "alias" : "mn1",
                             "result" : "successful"

11) In the masternode wallet, enter the following command:


You should see something like:

    "txhash" : "jse9grj983j4f9j349fj34r",
    "outputidx" : 1,
    "netaddr" : "x.x.x.x:51472",
    "addr" : "D0w3j948f98ejb90ejf498j349fj394jf",
    "status" : 4,
    "message" : "Masternode successfully started"

Congratulations! You have successfully created your masternode! 

If you have encountered some kind of error during this, try troubleshooting here.